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They Went Thorough It, We came To It, Now Let's Go Do It!
Check back for GITC's and Epworth Project's recap of this past week's events as Jim Fatic, Executive Director of Epworth and Eric Miller of GITC Ministries blitzed Southeastern Lower Michigan to bring a message of being "In Mission With You"!

“Each day in the mission field is as unique as the person experiencing it.  The only way to tell the true story is through the sharing of their journey with others”
Eric Miller

GITC 41 - 2017

October 14 Through The 22

  1. Date:  October 14 through October 22, 2017
  2. Destination:  Epworth Project- Slidell, LA (35 miles from New Orleans' -
  3. Team Size: This aarea we always leave up to God but 25 have already committed.
  4. Cost per person:  $575.00
  5. Cost Covers:  Lodging on travel days, fuel, food for the week, cultural immersion evening, mission insurance, site/destination fees and projects fees.
  6. Cost Does NOT cover:  Your meals on the travel days and any extra donations you may make or memories of the trip you may purchase.
  7. Personal vehicles are utilized so please pray if your vehicle will be used.
  8. All fuel is covered OR a receipt will be provided for tax purposes to you.
  9. Overnight travel destination: Camp Loucon Training And Retreat Center , Leithcfield, KY -
  10. Team Leaders: Eric Miller, Nanette Miller, Rodney Gasaway