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Opportunities For You To Reach Out

If you are unable to Get In The Car, here are some opportunities for you to join with the teams;

Fuel The Ride


Through the years, we have been blessed to have had a tremendous amount of support from you, God's faithful.  You have shown us, and confirmed what we believed, that when we organize and travel, the Team that Gets In The Car is only a small representation of all that are involved.
We thank you from the bottom of our heart's and also pray that we represent you all and God's work in your lives to the best we have to offer

"Fuel the Ride!" - a right-hand left-hand donation program, to assist not only the GITC teams that travel, but to reach out to others traveling in mission as well.

By participating in the "Fuel the Ride" program, you will receive a brand new 2 gallon plastic fuel can to place in your church, your place of employment or wherever. So others can drop their "loose change" into the can. All proceeds (100%) will be used to offset fuel costs of those traveling in mission, both inside and outside the state.

Most folks who travel in Mission and on Mission Teams fully fund their own trips. They cover the cost of the trip, the time off work and sometimes even a week without pay, to step up and step out to help those in need.

Lately, though, GITC and other Mission programs have noticed that a majority of the volunteers that are showing up are either un-employed or under employed. This adds a new twist to the programs, one that didn’t seem to be an issue before this economic whatever-you-call-it showed up.
These volunteers are still finding the way to pay for the cost of their trips, but by "tightening the belts" to do so, there are fewer monies available for the projects they are working on.  Here’s where you come in.

By placing a fuel can in you narthex, your worship center, fellowship hall, lobby; giving one to your Youth or Men’s and Women’s group or wherever you place it. And asking people to deposit their "loose" change each week, you can begin to reduce the cost of the single most expensive portion of a Mission Trip, THE FUEL!
If you’ve ever wanted to be involved in Mission and weren’t sure where to begin, we believe this will be an incredible way for you.

We will supply the fuel can, the signage (unless you would like to do your own), the tracking of the amounts and the posting of those results on the web and throughout the Mission Communications Networks.

We will also let each team that receives a donation from the "Fuel The Ride" program know where that donation originated from and encourage them to stop by and say "hello" when they return. We will also be available to you and yours for a time of sharing and fellowship throughout your participation in the program. (And beyond)

What makes this program unique is this; you get to decide how it is orchestrated in your environment. When and where the fuel can is displayed and how often: Every week, bi-weekly, one day a month and If you would like the funds to be used inside or outside the state, or both. 100% of monies raised will be dispersed 100% .

"Fuel the Ride" is simple in its design, but we believe will have highly effective results.

We look forward to working with you and if you have any questions or would like us to deliver a fuel can, contact us.

God Bless.
Fuel The Ride Info Request


June 2017

The #1 injury among volunteer workers is dehydration due to extreme temperatures and lack of adequate fluids.
It is recommended that all volunteer teams are prepared to provide each individual with a
minimum of 6 bottles of water per day and more if in an area where heat and humidity are in high ranges.  
Colders areass are not exempt from this issue either.

Based upon the GITC model of a mission experience, each volunteer will be in the "work zone" for 5 of the 9 days that they will be together.

For an average team of 16, that’s 96 bottles or 4 cases per day.
At about $3.75 per case, sponsorship would be $15.00 per day or $105.00 per week.

It is our intent to buy the water there to help stimulate the local economy.

Meal Sponsorship

June 2017

In the mission field it has been found that bodies burn calories faster due to many circumstances; work days, temperature differences, common stressors of a foreign environment among others so diets are required to change to meet the demands.
A normal caloric intake needs to be doubled to accomodate the additional burn - Thiis is nt a time to be on a or start a diet.
GITC Ministries has set a meal plan in place that not only accomadates this demands but provides a variety of choices.
Food allergies are addressed and provisions made.

Typical Menu for a tem
Brakfasst - Multi layered egg bake (veggies, meat and potatoes)
Lunch - Sack lunch: 2 sandwiches, fruit, sweet snack, chips
Dinner - Salad, veggie, bread, meat, dessert
Healthly snacks are provided throughout the week.
$10.00 feeds one volunteer for one day
$50.00 feeds 16 team members dinner one evening
$70.00 feeds one volunteer for one week
$160.00 feeds 16 team members three meals for one day
$800.00 feeds 16 team members for one full week


June 2017

Our trailers are pretty well stocked at the moment, however, our job assignments may require additional, specific tools. We accept used tools in good condition as well as new tools. Gift cards for Lowe’s or Home Depot are welcome too Contact us for more a more detailed list of specific tools necessary.